What is SAP NetWeaver? SAP NetWeaver - a modern application computing platform that is capable for the  run-time  and development environment for SAP application, is fundamentally a mixture of SAP software tools for business applications and SAP Kernel (OS). This application developer from the world of SAP- " Systems Applications and Products " is pretty beneficial for integrating business processes and databases from different sources; along with overworking synchronous web service technologies such as Microsoft's.NET,  IBM's Web Sphere, and Sun's Java technologies. SAP NetWeaver Overview SAP NetWeaver is an  inter-operable  Internet-based Application Platform that is completely fit with third party platforms and other SAP applications and components. As it brags of a common  run-time  environment, this SAP module is being frequently utilized for different SAP Business Suites such as SAP Customer Relationship Management, SAP Supplier Relationship